parul shah dance company

A North Indian Classical and Contemporary Dance Company


“This is a good company, stylish, and vivid; you can feel how its innovations (no ankle bells) are part of an engagement with the changing nature of Indian society.”
Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times, New York.

"New Yorker Parul Shah’s Enduring Silence[...] was the evening’s most radical piece. It was rooted so deeply in Kathak that Shah could swing far out without losing touch. The classical moves not only acquired new significance but also changed meaning in the solo’s course. In the first half, the whirlwind turns and flaming arms seemed to consume Shah, with her galloping legs flinging her in the air. In the second half, after a silence, she took command. Mute until now, her feet stamped out a beat, and the tabla submitted."
Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times, New York.

The Parul Shah Dance Company is a Brooklyn-based Kathak and contemporary dance company that harnesses the expressive power of movement to explore questions around belonging, identity, and empathy. Our work aims to create shared experiences and lasting connections between performers and audiences. Established in 2006 by artistic director Parul Shah, our work has deep roots within the North Indian classical dance form of Kathak. We also step outside the form’s parameters to discover different ways of moving that reflect our world today. Our repertoire spans both classical and contemporary dance vocabularies, and our influences include our own experiences and observations as much as our training. We are especially driven to shining a light on marginalized stories, and are committed to outreach and education through studio classes, workshops, and lecture demonstrations.

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